Friday, February 18, 2011

A Bit Of Deepness

I feel like sometimes I am quick to let my insanity and craziness and humor totally eclipse the serious side of me (which I promise exists). It just feels safer to me to make a joke out of everything than to break down walls and let people in and reveal my true desires in life that could be laughed off or made fun of by others.
Lately, I’ve been having lengthy and lovely deep chats with the lovely Chiano. We’ve talked about lots of things – our childhoods, friends, weird analogies (we’re all painters and only God can clean our brushes…). But even so, I still insert jokes and don’t take some things as seriously as I should. I am too quick to run away from deep subjects and serious conversations. And they have their place.
So today I’m gunna open up a little. I guess.
I’ve got these Taco friends.
The name started one day when they went to give me a tackle hug. I misheard (as I often do which makes for some humorous conversations and situations) it as taco and thus said “I feel like beef” while wrapped up in their hug. So now I’m beef, Chiano is goat cheese, Haybiday is taco sauce and Alpie is guacamole.
So these Taco friends and I have taken to all eating dinner together lately. Somehow they think I am funny and I often make Alpie laugh so hard that she can’t breathe or she chokes on her food. But they all seem to enjoy my funny, frantic antics and laugh a lot when they’re around me. But they’ve gotten to know me and enjoy my humor and like me.
I can’t seem to pinpoint what makes me funny or what they think about me is funny. And if I can’t do that then I can’t reproduce it. Which worries me. I want to make people laugh and smile and add joy and laughter to the world but if I can’t figure out how I do that then… Well… I fail in my own eyes, I guess.
But. I have this bigger dream that sort of ties into this. I really want to make it into the entertainment world. I want to work in a theater or on a kids TV show (like iCarly. I LOVE iCarly). I want to get into this very perverse place in the world and start to change part of it by getting to personally know the people who work in it. So being able to be someone that people enjoy being around but also being funny in a very pure way when the humor in that area tends to be very perverse is my desire.
I also have this silly side dream where I marry Nathan Kress.
See? I did it again. I opened up and then interjected with a tidbit of what I hope is humorous to apologize, I guess, for placing my burden on you.
Which almost seguay’s beautifully into my next deep topic for today.
I’m having issues with love. Haha, no. There’s no man in my life. :) But there a deep need in my life to re-evaluate my definition of love. Because this awkward romantic notion that I am dwelling so much on is not it. I’ve been bombarded with love this week. Valentine’s day was Monday, Tuesday we had a chapel speaker give his whole message on channeling God’s love through us to other people, today’s (Friday’s) chapel was on love again. And I’m just feeling so incredibly ignorant in knowing how/why God loves me.
A bit of deepness for you! :)
Till next time, I guess.
<3 Emi

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Over! + Bloopers

Hello Dolly is finally over!! I sad to see it go, though. I’m gunna miss the show and the people and the fun times and the hustle and bustle of it. But I’m also really happy to get part of my life back. I don’t regret a single one of the 108 hours I spent on that show.
If you’ve ever worked on a production (but if you haven’t, I’m sure you can imagine), you know just how many things need to go right in order for it to work. But there are also so many things that can go wrong. And we had a couple…
One night, the instruments were in their cases, not put together and on the table like they should be. So we had to scramble to put together clarinets and flutes and get the trumpets out. It was a mad dash.
Right before the waltz, the elastic in one of the girls’ bloomers snapped. Her poor waltz partner was trying to keep them from falling down and in the process probably gave the audience the wrong idea.
We broke a couple of plates. A cord got wrapped around a table leg and ended up tipping the table and all of the plates on it. Whoops.
Dolly had a costume malfunction on stage right during the very final scene. Her bustle came untied and fell out from under her dress. She was laughing so hard that she couldn’t sing all the right words.
We had confetti cannons to go off during curtain call. Often only one of the two would actually fire which was a bummer.
My personal blunder was putting one of the waiter’s shoes on the wrong feet during the short, short quick-change we did on him. Poor guy.
Anyway, that’s a bit of news from behind the scenes. I’ll hopefully be writing more for you to read, my devoted audience (sarcasm because I have, like, 2 readers).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"All The World's A Stage..."

I don’t know how many of you have ever been part of a play but it’s an incredible experience. Especially all the backstage work. There are a group of people on the com system talking and giving cues and warnings, the people up in lighting doing follow-spotlights and turning others on and off, the people turning microphones on and off, the running crew that move set pieces and props, people off-stage helping with quick changes (I do a bit of that) and helping with other changes (I do a bit of that too), the actors on stage both big and small… The list goes on and on. It takes so many people to create this beautiful, flowing, glimpse of a created reality. You’ve seen the lists and lists of names in play programs and movie credits that give the hair and make-up people their dues. It takes a massive amount of effort to create life.
Working on Hello Dolly really threw that into perspective for me. It’s been hectic and we’ve broken things and messed stuff up and lost people’s pants… But it made me really think. God choreographed, if you will, this huge, monumental production. He cast all the roles (and perfectly, I might add), did all the staging, knows how everyone should do their hair (or if they even should), did some incredible, awesome lighting effects, the list goes on and on. It gives me this whole new appreciation for theater, yes, but far more awe at how amazing God is.
Also, I have an update (which I feel I can post here partly because so few people read my blog). Rachel and I had this long, 4 hour chat last night/early this morning about everything and nothing. But God sort of revealed to me what I need to do before declaring a Theater major. What I need to do is write to my grandma explaining to her why I want to do theater and not leave anything out (like God). So I’ll be working on that soon, I hope. I want to get that sent.
P.S. I’ve been getting back to my dorm super late so that’s why blog posts have been scarce. But we have one more weekend of the show, so. Things will be semi back to normal soon.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Perfectly Busy

We're doing Hello Dolly for the winter musical and I'm on Men's chorus duty. Smelly, exciting and perfect.
I won't go into the details of it now (it's 3:45am. I got back to my dorm 30 minutes ago and since then I have put on PJs, gotten water, brushed my teeth... And that's about it) but somehow it is this beautiful, busy whirlwind of love and perfection for my life. I love it so much!
I do miss hanging out with everyone though. Classes have been canceled for today (technically speaking) but the costume heads are opening shop at 10am. I was hoping to spend time with friends and go in to the previously scheduled 4:30 shop.
Such is the way of the theater.
P.S. Friends?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Knight?

So. We got an ice storm. It basically rained water that super-froze to ice/slush when it hit something.
Walking back to my dorm at 3am (Theater really does eat your life. I was in my dorm by 3:15) was DANGEROUS!
But the ever-chivalrous Prince Eric walked all 5 girls back to their dorms. :) Good night.