Saturday, February 5, 2011

"All The World's A Stage..."

I don’t know how many of you have ever been part of a play but it’s an incredible experience. Especially all the backstage work. There are a group of people on the com system talking and giving cues and warnings, the people up in lighting doing follow-spotlights and turning others on and off, the people turning microphones on and off, the running crew that move set pieces and props, people off-stage helping with quick changes (I do a bit of that) and helping with other changes (I do a bit of that too), the actors on stage both big and small… The list goes on and on. It takes so many people to create this beautiful, flowing, glimpse of a created reality. You’ve seen the lists and lists of names in play programs and movie credits that give the hair and make-up people their dues. It takes a massive amount of effort to create life.
Working on Hello Dolly really threw that into perspective for me. It’s been hectic and we’ve broken things and messed stuff up and lost people’s pants… But it made me really think. God choreographed, if you will, this huge, monumental production. He cast all the roles (and perfectly, I might add), did all the staging, knows how everyone should do their hair (or if they even should), did some incredible, awesome lighting effects, the list goes on and on. It gives me this whole new appreciation for theater, yes, but far more awe at how amazing God is.
Also, I have an update (which I feel I can post here partly because so few people read my blog). Rachel and I had this long, 4 hour chat last night/early this morning about everything and nothing. But God sort of revealed to me what I need to do before declaring a Theater major. What I need to do is write to my grandma explaining to her why I want to do theater and not leave anything out (like God). So I’ll be working on that soon, I hope. I want to get that sent.
P.S. I’ve been getting back to my dorm super late so that’s why blog posts have been scarce. But we have one more weekend of the show, so. Things will be semi back to normal soon.

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