Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 2 and 3 and 4

Day 2 and 3

Haha! I told you I’d fall behind and fail!!! :P
Ok. So. I’m gunna do… Maybe 5 today. We’ll see.

Movie: Most underrated movie.
Ooooh, hard one. Most underrated movie that I have seen? … WAIT. Neptune’s Daughter. It was made in the late 1940’s and it’s a WONDERFUL movie. You should watch it. ;P P.S. <3 RICARDO MONTALBAN.

Music: Your least favorite song.
Oh. Easy. Rebecca Black’s Friday. She gives me a whole new appreciation for Justin Beiber.

Day 3
Movie: A movie that makes you really happy.
Oh, wow. Tangled. It is my princess movie. :P Let me explain. Back home, my group of friends that I hung with in high school (they’re two years behind me) and I all picked Disney princesses to be. Danielle, my super awesome BFF cheerleading captain with the drummer boyfriend is Ariel, Liz is Cinderella, Summer is Jasmine, Danae is Belle, Chelsea is Aurora, and I… At first I was Mulan (but I’m not Asian or boyish or going to join the army… I wouldn’t mind Shang, though. (; ). Then the fairy godmother because I’m older than all of them and sort of… Well a fairy godmother to them. Then I was the magical “thing” in all their movies. Mushu, Fairy Godmother, the Genie, the 3 fairies in Sleeping Beauty, etc. Then when I heard Tangled was coming out, I claimed that one. I have fantastic hair. And it’s blonde. So I claimed Rapunzel. Now having seen it… I couldn’t be more Rapunzel. I love art, I have a strange attachment to the Sun and lights… And I want to marry Flynn Rider. So. It all works out.
Many others make me really happy. I love just about any Barbie movie (I adore the cheese), Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is awesome, I adore the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the list goes on.

Music: A song that makes you happy.
Go figure. Uhh… I dunno. Haha, I could be totally lame and say a song from Tangled. That would be ironicish. … Maybe… Maybe it’s just the simple lullaby that my best friend wrote for me. Or Clair De Lune. She would always play that for me.
WAIT! You Probably Shouldn’t Move Here by Five Iron Frenzy. It’s a song about Colorado. And I LOVE Colorado. Or Flashlight (The Cullen Song) by Eleventyseven. Trust me. Just listen to it.

Ok. Fine.

Day 4
Movie: A movie that makes you sad.
Go figure.
Uhh… A Walk to Remember. Tristian and Isolde. Speak. Of all of those… Probably A Walk to Remember?

Music: A song that makes you sad.
Woah. Saw that coming.
Love Hurts and Farewell by Yiruma. Trickling by SG Wannabe (it’s Korean. It was in the Korean Drama Cinderella Man which I loved. 16ish episodes. It was really good).

The next two are more interesting. So I’ll save those. :)

It’s 11:11!

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