Sunday, March 6, 2011


I’m going crazy.
I really want to talk to my best friends right now but it seems like when I do get some time to talk with them, there is just too much to talk about and what I really want to talk about gets forgotten (by me, I mean. I’m serious). I just… I am so missing these people and I’d really love to have a chance to sit down and talk about all that I want to. I want to talk to someone who knows me really, really well about my future. I want to ask them if they really think that I would enjoy working in a theater and if I am being stupid and stubborn wanting to be a theater design major and I want to admit that I’m truly terrified that I won’t ever find a… Well, a husband. And I want to just pour my heart out in a way that, somehow, I can’t with the people at college. I’m thinking it’s the whole known-me-forever thing.
It’s hard in a way that I never anticipated. Just not having those friends that have known me forever around me… I know that I have good friends in college who love me and care. But they weren’t with me from when I was 2…
Anyway. I’m at Haylie’s house for Spring Break.
And she’s asleep.
But I wanted to get something up.

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  1. I constantly forget things when talking with good friends. Sometimes we manage to fill our whole conversation with seemingly relevant trivia... It often feels like there's so much to tackle we don't know where to start.

    You know what? I think a lot of girls are terrified they'll never find "the right one." (I know it hits me sometimes.) It helps me to remember that marriage is built on friendship more than romance, so if I can find someone that will be a good friend to grow old with, hopefully the romance will follow from there...

    Just some thoughts
    Praying for you
    <3 Edith
    @ OQ