Monday, January 24, 2011

Crazy Combo Post

I woke up to Narnia outside my dorm. But, sadly, I am not High Queen Emi so I was shoved back through the wardrobe into a reality where my boots are ripping and my feet get soaked when I walk through the slushy sidewalks. Go figure.
I did get a turtle in the mail, though. A cute, crocheted turtle. I have named him Ivan. 
Nothing is profound today so instead of something deep, you are getting my mini synopsis of this movie that Chiano, Alpie and I are making.
It’s based off of a piano piece that Chiano is practicing as of late. She invited Alpie and I to listen and we somehow came up with this whole story of a poor little girl who gets hanged at the end of the song. Quaint, right? Anyway. We videotaped Chiano playing while I threw out some random ideas for random pieces of the song. But it’s changing…
No longer is this a historic, small village tale of a little girl and an angry police officer/mafia dude but the tale of a frantic princess trying to save her poisoned father. Some sort of goblin and/or witch will have poisoned her father and offer her an “antidote.” It will eventually end with her father dying. Many of the finer details still need to be worked out.
But I think that this is just too short to be a sufficient blog post. So I will write about something else.
I just don’t know what to write about… Slacking.
I really shouldn’t slack this semester. Most of my classes are all textbook reading and stuff which is hard for me. Because I get distracted easily. Right now I should be studying for my Intro to Tech test tomorrow on lighting. Which just sounds RIVETING. :S Not my favorite aspect of tech. Anyway. I should stop slacking and get on that.

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