Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting to Know You

Let’s start this one with a song.
I know, right? Today, you’ll get to learn a little bit more about me.
Once upon a time, I was born at a very young age. I got a little older and decided that art was some fun stuff. I would write, dress up my American Girl dolls (I had one that looked like me that I named Rachel and Josephina), spent HOURS arranging and rearranging my American Girl Minis rooms… I guess that I’ve always been kind of an artistic soul. So life went on. In school, art classes were always my favorite. I spent my Senior year in high school taking 2-3 (or was it more) art classes per semester. When I got to college, I wanted to study art.
But things changed a bit in my first semester in college.
Amidst my 15 credit hours of general education classes, I somehow shifted my love from art to theater. Theater design, specifically. I think it was Earnest’s fault. You see, the fall play was The Importance of Being Earnest. I was attending not just for fun but because I was going to write a critique for my composition class. During the three acts, I paid close attention. I remember that Lady Bracknel, who is supposed to have a very large, loud presence, was dressed in a color far too similar to the set. She blended right in. I also remember this sort of awkward aqua blue during the outdoor second act that didn’t work quite right. (As of this time, I have asked the set designer who said that it was more of a mood choice rather than a sky choice. Which sort of makes sense but I wish that the aqua hadn’t been chosen. It just confused me.) And I remember the Kissing Chair. But I only remember that because I’m a massive dork. (If you don’t know what a kissing chair is, click the link ->
After voicing my opinions, a friend decided to plant the idea in my head that maybe I should do something with theater. And then it encompassed me.
So now I’m taking 3 theater classes and would like to declare a theater major. I just have to convince certain people that it wouldn’t be a dumb choice, first.
Anyway. I’m super thrilled to be having to buy plays and theater textbooks and the PEOPLE! OH! Theater majors are some of the fun-est, quirkiest, funniest, most entertaining people you can meet. And here they’re so nice! I helped out with costumes my first night. I handed out mens’ gloves and wrote their “owner’s” initials on pieces of tape and labeled them. The next day, quite a few guys recognized me around campus and waved and said hi.
I just love it.
So that’s a little bit more info so that you can get to know me. Hopefully, if someone out there actually reads this, I will get to know you as well. 

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