Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Be

So here’s my insight for today: Sometimes, you need to just BE.
Let me elaborate.
Life just sucks, sometimes. We set up all these things, we make all these plans and sometimes they just blow up in your face or turn around and reveal that they’re a black hole that sucks away all your money. I have a friend who had a black hole day today. She had managed to pass the test to test out of this class. So she went to the registrar’s office to get it all officialized and they told her that it would cost $450 (I think) per credit hour in order for it to be officialized. It’s a 3 credit class. That’s $1,350. College students just don’t have that kind of extra money. And something like that just smokes the rest of your day affecting every breath, every second, every fiber of your being. It’s not a fun time.
Tonight I got back to the dorm and she, smiling, told me she wanted to talk with me but to do this one assignment I had due at midnight first. So I did and went in to talk to her. This beautiful girl, bless her soul, is very good at masking her feelings (well… I think so, at least). She wanted to talk to me about it and stuff. So I sat there and talked with her. We didn’t have a dramatic cry-awkwardly-on-your-shoulder-while-I-awkwardly-pat-your-back time. We just talked. I sat there and talked to her like I always do and I made silly jokes about random things and misheard her and laughed at pretzels. I was myself; I wasn’t trying to be anything else. I didn’t have to try to do anything for her other than just… Be.
So, sometimes, in life… You just need to be there for someone. You shouldn’t shy away from it because it might be this whole awkward hoo-ha (my Intro to Theater Tech prof says “hoo-ha” a lot). You just need to accept that you are who you are and sometimes you are called to be in that awkward situation, but sometimes (or most of the times) you just need to BE there.
I hope I helped poke a little of my Emi-light into her life. And if I or you can do that for someone by just being… That’s a pretty fantastic impact for doing something as simple as being yourself.
“Don’t think, or judge. Just listen.”
Just Be.

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  1. Thank-you, my friend, for just being yourself. Your Emi-light was very helpful and sweet - you're getting better at that. ;)

    ~Melody/Chiano/Mittens :)