Thursday, January 27, 2011


Alright, time for a DEEP blog post.
As, of course, all of you know, I want to major in theater. And, as you all know, my grandma is helping pay for school. Now, this is cause for drama (haha! Punny) in my life due to the fact that my grandmother is first, not saved, and second, wants me to major in something worthwhile (like Technical and Professional Communications or Chemistry). And she won’t let me bring Dumbledore (my car) to school. But that’s another story?
When I went home for Christmas break, there was some drama. She wanted to have a chat with me and discuss college and majors and stuff… And I wasn’t looking forward to it. And I think I am justified in that. We had a nice, semi-stressful chat over brunch (I got a cheese omelet and pancakes) and then went back to her house to talk about more college stuff. That’s when it got more stressful.
I want to major in theater (for various reasons that make up a whole different blog post that I should write sometime… Or did I already write it…). She kinda told me that I would end up not being able to get work with that and have to be a waitress instead. Which she then told me I wouldn’t be good at.
Hearing these things really hurt me and they hurt me deep. I was really torn up weather I should have been or not.
For a little while I considered taking a fifth year and double majoring in Theater and TPC which quickly became clear that it would be virtually impossible because theater EATS your time. There is always a set to be painted or costumes to be pulled or shirts to be ironed or sweeping… The work is never done.
But that was still stressing me out. So I decided to finish out the semester and just not worry about it. I would take Intro to Design and Intro to Tech and Stagecraft 1 like planned and not think about majors or next year’s classes until the time came to register for them. And I feel at peace with this choice.
But let’s backtrack a bit.
A couple of fantastically ironical things have happened to me. Prince Eric (the nickname is for another blog post), a theater major in my brother unit, is in the winter musical, Hello Dolly. He’s in the chorus and in quite a few scenes. In one of the scenes, he plays a waiter. The irony of him being a theater major yet also “being” a waiter made me laugh so hard! Also, I was sitting in Chapel waiting for it to start the other morning and I was told that I would make a good waitress because I’m fun and chatty…
And then tonight I realized something. I realized that my grandma doesn’t exactly know me (much less the Lord). Who is she to tell me that I can never become something? Who is any human to tell me what I am and am not capable of? My grandmother does not determine my future or my passions or my calling. So why am I letting it so seriously affect me? God will be faithful and provide for me if he calls me to theater. He alone will determine what I will and will not be. So while my grandmother may speak the truth in that very few people can make it in the theater biz, God has the last word on my role (haha! Punny) in it or if I will have a role in it at all.
Bottom line: God’s opinion alone should be the one that I let affect me.
<3 Emi

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  1. AMEN! Thankfully, God's opinion is the only one that really matters in this world. And He's the only one who has planned out your future. :)

    This is my prayer for you, my friend:
    Psalm 20:4 "May He give you the desire of your heart, and make all your plans succeed."